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Erfi from galileo to graco plus a lucky raffle

source: http://jurnalulunuitata.ro/2017/07/03/erfi-de-la-galileo-la-graco-plus-o-tombola-norocoasa/

The new ErFi showroom

The past few days I had the pleasure of being invited to a presentation of baby products on the occasion of opening the new ErFi showroom.

And as I was already interested in a practical and modern tricycle for the little one, I followed the invitation.

I have to say that the first impression was from the beginning a pleasant one. From the showroom location. Not in the mall. Until presenting in a professional and interactive way the products. Quality products. I said interactively. Because we could talk. It was not a clear presentation of some products on their technical characteristics. The parents, because I was not the only guest, asked various questions. And the organizers of the presentation event had an answer at every point :) Moreover, as all of us were accompanied by the prichidei in their equipment, that only they are destined for the products, they could prove them. Whether it was a car seat, a stroller or a tricycle. Test-drive :) Because these are the main products of ErFi. Besides a multitude of other accessories.

ErFi. From Galileo to Graco. And a lucky raffle

And if I had come to think of a tricycle I must tell you a little about the star of the show. The presentation was focused on an absolutely remarkable tricycle.

Galileo Tricycle

ErFi. From Galileo to Graco. Plus a lucky raffle

It's the Galileo tricycle, the first tricycle for perfectly folding children. Yeah, no matter how small your trunk is, you still have plenty of space after you're wearing the tricycle. The house can be stored in a small corner without uncomfortable.

And surprises do not stop there. The tricycle has a SF look. The white color predominates. And the stool comes in three extremely vivid and pleasant colors. Red, blue or green.

All but all but come back to the fact that it's perfectly foldable. But also easy to fold. And I'm not just saying I'm more about the technical side, but all the moms who tested it. Everything in one movement! And technically you do not have to be because the tricycle comes in a perfectly assembled box. You do not need a screwdriver! What proof can be better than it is that it is perfectly foldable?

The list of surprises continues. It is also ergonomic. Pedals can change depending on the age and height of the child. On this occasion, I learned that they are called progressive pedals

The sunshade can be easily removed if we do not need it.

The handle is telescopic and can be easily operated regardless of the height of the parent.

If I said about maneuverability, the front wheel is 360 ° swiveling.

Likewise, the baby can use the swivel handle, adjustable, or if it has too many initiatives to take curves, it can lock. And control of maneuverability rests with the parent.

Bebe Houdini

Our baby is pretty active. And he is still able to get rid of both the stroller and the table chair. As a result, we nicknamed her Houdini. I was really curious how many seconds she got rid of from the Galileo tricycle;) Surprise! In addition to the usual harness belts with special shoulder and inguinal areas, the tricycle is provided with two bumpers. Which are detachable when needed. For now we need them :))

And our bebe stood very well in the tricycle not only thanks to the ingenious safety system. But he also sat comfortably on the seat, and the arched back adjusts.

Brakes do not remember, I think it's obvious they could not miss.

And then I left another important point. Despite the fact that it is a rugged tricycle, the special materials from which the Galileo tricycle is built allowed it to weigh only 6.5kg !!! I mean, half a pound of water.

And this very important thing matters to mums :)

And something else. It is not only a year. The Galileo tricycle can be used up to a maximum weight of 25 kg.

Lucky raffle

At the end of the presentation that included other products that attracted our attention, a raffle was made.

I know what they think about the figure 13. Like they have about the black cat. But to us, every time it appears, it's lucky. And we like black cats :)) Many important things happened on the 13th. In fact, the most important events. Or at 13 o'clock. It's almost impossible for a show to have no tickets either on the 13th row or on the 13th place. Just as I am amused by the room at the hotel on the floor with the number 113, 213, 313 ...

And I see that babies are inheriting us on this. Exactly on the day of the presentation it was 13 months.

Who won the raffle? Yes, she!

What did he win? Just a Galileo tricycle, that it still does not get rid of it.

ErFi. From Galileo to Graco. Plus a lucky raffle

If we convinced you from what I told you and from pictures that a Galileo tricycle is worth testing, the ErFi team awaits you with the little one. Or the little one. Or the little ones in the new showroom on Splaiul Unirii no. 49, sector 3, Bucharest, Timpuri Noi area.

What I learned about ErFi:

First of all, it is a family business, founded more than 10 years ago by two entrepreneurial parents. They wanted, permitted and fought to offer children good, safe, special products and everything at a reasonable price.

And when I say special products, I mean two qualities. Appearance and durability. Premium look. Solid, can be used for years as brothers or donated or, why not, resold.

Examples of such products we have seen at ErFi. Maclaren UK trolleys and accessories. Intelligent baby monitors and baby monitoring systems from the industry's leading manufacturers. I mean, Motorola and Vtech. As well as the elegant range of diversification and care of Beaba's babies in France.

Graco, the most important brand of trolleys, car seats, swings, travel cushions, is present with the entire 2017 collection. Including Milestone, the evolution car seat that can be used from birth to 12 years old, virtually the only car seat Who may need a baby.

More details on www.erfi.ro

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Folding tricycle Galileo. A new "toy" with baby glue! (Review)


source : http://www.frunzaresc.eu/tricicleta-pliabila-galileo-noua-jucarie-lipici-copii-review/

When the time comes to go out for a walk, run impatiently through the house, take my hand and pull me to the hallway and look at the tricycle. Since Galileo has appeared in our lives, each exit has to be with a blue tricycle, otherwise it is upset.

Jessica on the street in front of the block, she sits tantalizingly in the tricycle, sits down to put her seat belt, then relaxes and rejoices at every moment spent at the wheel of the tricycle.

It's summertime and even if we hide from the sun for most of the day, every morning and evening we try to go out for a walk with the baby. We do it both because the little one loves to get out through the courtyard of the block, in the park or wherever we choose to go (it does not matter so much because it accommodates wherever we go) and because it is healthy and recommended To go out with the child out on a daily basis. Air and sunlight are beneficial to the functioning of the body and the development of the small one, it helps to strengthen the immune system and has beneficial effects on sleep. Also, walks are true treasure hunt for kids because they discover new things around them. I see an insect, an animal, a pebble, interact with other children, admire the sky, etc., all of which contribute to their harmonious development and influence their state of well-being.

Every time I tell Damian we go out for a walk, joy and positive energy is read on his face. He knows that we go first to dress clothes out, sit next to me and wait well to prepare for me, and then he draws me impatiently to the hall where the Galileo tricycle is parked. It's his favorite car, so without her we can not get out of the house.

I've already learned to prepare the things I need to get out of time so we do not have to go through an upset crisis due to the child's lack of patience. So, I take a little gentle with me, with a bowl of water, wet / dry napkins, a fruit, a toy (I ask him what toy we'd prefer to take with us), my wallet and my phone. Once we're ready, we go out in front of the block and decide what we're doing next. Damian is not very pretentious. From the moment he boarded the tricycle, he is proud and calm on her and is waiting to start the journey. If we meet with other children on the street, they look delightful and curious at the wheel of the tricycle and just after a few minutes gives me signs that she wants to get down and fly next to them. When one of the children approaches the tricycle, Damian runs quickly towards him and tells him that he wants to get them at the wheel. He's jealous and he's still learning to share things with others.

Even if he has a lot of "vehicles" to go out: a red car, a black motorcycle, a blue tricycle, a yellow trout, a sports cart and a Galileo tricycle, the latter is his favorite. We have it for more than a month, and even if we come out almost daily with her, Damian is not yet bored. 🙂

Technical details of Galileo tricycle

Why is Galileo tricycle so special? Here are some details about it:

It's PLIABILA and can fit easily into any trunk! A very important aspect if you ask me. We still have a tricycle but do not fold and occupy a lot of space in the house, plus we can not go with it to the park in the park (do not fit in the car and the park is a few kilometers from us and we can not walk a distance so big);

The folding system is very simple (Fast Action Fold), which allows the print of the single tricycle to be tight. In addition, the tricycle has a special safety system to prevent accidental breakage;

It weighs 6.5 kg;

Recommended for children aged between 10 and 36 months;

Can be used up to a maximum weight of 25 kg;

The front has a 360 ° swivel wheel, which can be locked in the direction of travel;

Height-adjustable telescopic handle for the tricycle to be easily handled by anyone;

Adjustable 5-point harness (with shoulder and groin area protection) and detachable bumpers;

Progressive pedals. The pedals can be used initially as a footrest (when the baby is small), then fastened to the front wheel to allow the child to pedal freely. We now use them as a support for the feet :);

Swivel handle, adjustable. The handlebar can be locked so that tricycle control can only be done by the parent;

Coordinate rear wheel brake (same as for trolleys) and pedal drive system;

Ergonomic back and backrest for comfort and protection of the baby's lumbar area. The backrest has two tilting positions for extra comfort;

Adjustable sun visor, detachable to keep the little one from the harmful action of the sun's rays;

It can be acted on the ErFi site.

Galileo tricycle mount

The fitting of the tricycle was taken care of by my husband. He first looked at the tricycle presentation video, then started to work. Do not think it took hours, but a few minutes (the first fit).

Impressions about Galileo tricycle

After more than a month and a half since we use it, I can say that tricycle rides are wonderful and loved by the baby. The Galileo tricycle is comfortable, lightweight, foldable, does not occupy much space in the house, we can go with it in the park (because it falls in the trunk of the car), it is stylish (it looks good and is admired by all the children in front of the block: P) Is the permissive vehicle of the small one. I also like it can be used for a longer period: initially as a trolley, then as a tricycle, which the child can handle alone. In the spring or next summer, I expect to run after Damian and his blue tricycle through the yard, but nothing. Every stage of development of the baby comes with her challenges :)) However, if I were to bring an improvement to this tricycle, it would be: a storage space for the baby's things. Otherwise, it's PERFECT 😛 Even if I take a gentle with me, sometimes I prefer to go out with only 1-2 things of the child and it is not convenient to keep them in my hand.

If you see in the street or in the park a blonde lion stand proud in a blue tricycle (the tricycle has a unique look), it means that we are. We are waiting for you to greet us and we invite you to test the tricycle. Until then I hope that Damian has learned to share things with other children 🙂

Flirty and beautiful walks we want!

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Our first show

Our first show



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