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As a pioneering brand of premium revolutionary products, we aim to capture the imagination and break paradigms, by delivering true value to your sweet evolving toddlers and to you, their "on the go" parents.

"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them." Galileo Galilei


We are driven to create the very best modernized solutions that grow with your kids and your ever-changing needs. Today's on the go millennial generation is more fitted to products which are lighter, foldable and easier to transport and store. Furthermore, we have made it our mission to design and produce enhanced performance functionality with improved safety aspects for an all-round improved toddler user experience. As a company that believes in putting comfort first, we have made it our priority to provide the first fully assembled product that can be used from the very get go. We have developed a product that is unique and suitable for your daily travel and storage needs, which can fold in one single click action. At Galileo we take pride in creating a futuristic line of products suited to each and every customer's journey. We want Galileo to be there for the duration of the ride, enabling you to enjoy those cherished moments of discovery and family bonding, wherever you might be.

About Us

Our two Galileo cofounders are enlightened entrepreneurs with more than 40 years' combined experience in the toy and toddler industry. What is more important though is that they are both parents who wanted the very best for their kids' development and their families' routines. In 2012, they set out to develop the STROLLCYCLE™, a next generation 2 in 1 foldable stroller and tricycle that would be more suited to today's mobility and storage requirements, with more focus on toddler safety and comfort, incorporating a napping mode for the rider, and encompassing world-class design worthy of the Galileo vision. This brought to light the tidings of the first foldable trike in the market that could be taken anywhere by parents on the move. Inspired by the spirit of Galileo Galilei, the company's in-house innovation team of engineers and designers set out on a disruptive journey that started in our R&D center and today harnesses the best of human capital from all corners of the globe.



Moms choice award in USA

we are proud to announce that Galileo Premium has won the Moms choice award in U.S.A
Bravo to Galileo!!!!

  • Multiple patents registered along on our innovative journey
  • STROLLCYCLE™ prototype first displayed at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in 2014
  • Honorable mention at 2017 Nuremberg Toy Fair as an innovative product in the sports/ leisure/ outdoor category