Commitment to Safety.

SAFETY is not just another consideration for us, it is our state of mind!

Safety Locks

Galileo as a foldable tricycle has two unique lockers to ensure and secure the safety of your child in order to for or unfold Galileo.


Easy Access Protective bars

In order to keep your child safe during their ride, the engineering team of the Galileo perfected the protective bars to provide a heightened level of safety, while keeping the parents’ comfort in mind. The bars open from either side enabling the parent to place their toddler into the seat with ease, even if the toddler is wearing multiple layers of winter clothing. In addition, the independent kids can open and close the bars, allowing for them to get on board and ride without assistance.

Pedal with progress

The pedals can serve as a safe footrest for toddlers in their early days and at a later point they can be relocated and fixed to the front wheels for the fully controlled ride and pedal experience. The footrest option removes any risk of injury due to the foot/leg getting caught in the moving pedals.

Steering Bar Switch

With this you can let your toddler the freedom to play with the steering bar without interfering the control of the front panel and by mistake changing the direction of steering, for the older kids you can switch it back and your child will control the direction of the first wheel.  


Seat Belts

The kid has seat belts that can be adjusted and to have maximum comfort for their safety.


Back foot break

Nothing is more important than getting the back wheels to lock with a moment’s notice. The pedal-like lock mechanism can be utilized to immobilize the Strollcycle™.

Curved safety seat

Infant safety is a priority and Galileo designed a special seat with a curved arch to support the infant’s lower back while keeping them safely in the seat with increased comfort.

Detachable Shading Canopy

Protecting your young one from the sun’s rays during the day.